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Mike, a group of 11 of us flew to Jacksonville to have dinner at your restaurant on May 22. The food and service were excellent. We are especially appreciative for your great assistance in helping us get back to the airport when the taxi companies failed us. We all had a good time and will be back. Jim Deaton, Raleigh, NC June 05th, 2014
When my husband and I visit our daughter's family in Jacksonville; Mike's Farm is a MUST visit, also. The food is great. The store is nice, too. You did a good job at creating a warm, inviting business. My son-in-law will soon be getting out of the Marines and they will move back home (Indiana). I will sorely miss going to Mike's Farm. If I hear of people traveling to your area, I will recommend your business. Thank you for good memories. Diana Truitt, Wadesville, Indiana April 26th, 2014
My husband and I went to Mike's Farm for the Christmas lights with a group from church. We had been looking everywhere for a good place to go and Mike Farm did NOT disappoint! First we had dinner at the restaurant and I swear I could have eaten my weight in their Mac-N-Cheese! I have tried to replicate it many times since eating there last and I can't get close! Can I get the recipe, please?!?! Then we went on to see the lights which were just absolutely wonderful! I haven't seen such a great display of lights since moving to NC from California:) Keep it up! Alexis, Cove City, NC March 20th, 2014
I was at your restaurant about two years ago and the food was amazing! I am not a big mac-n-cheese fan, but your recipe changed my mind. I have been searching for somewhere here that serves it like you do there, but to no avail. Is there any way I could get the recipe that you use? I keep bragging on it here in Indy, but no one believes me how tasty it is!

Improvements: I didn't see anything that could be improved. There was a large crowd when we got there, but the lines moved through very quickly and the staff was beyond polite and cordial. You have an amazing place there; never let it go!

Jimmy Greeson, Indianapolis, Indiana
February 10th, 2014
Comments: our daughter has talked about your place forever and tonight we were blessed to be your guest tonight. it was raining but it did not dampen anyone's Christmas joyous spirit, even the driver was more than courteous on our embarkment. we were all wet but it didn't matter and then we were treated to the best meal and we had a very large group and treated the best by the wait staff.. we are humbled by what you have done and how we were treated!! Jerry Gray, Kinston, NC December 14th, 2013
I received my ONLY Christmas wish last night. I wanted to have our children and grandchildren to go with us to see the Christmas lights and have a meal there. They have never been there before, they worked out their schedules so we could ALL be together for a WONDERFUL night of GREAT FOOD and BEAUTIFUL LIGHTS. Even with the misting rain we have a great time. Thank You so much, something we will talking about forever! Nora Dove, Bladenboro, NC December 8th, 2013
 I couldn't have asked for a better experience anywhere for my family of 4! We stopped in on a quick trip which turned out to be a perfect family memory. My son and daughter loved every second of this farm from the hayride to pick out pumpkins down to the Billy goats running around. =) Including the great food which was surprisingly AMAZING! We even stopped into your adorable bakery for fudge afterward and some quick gift shopping. There wasn't a single thing that could have made this trip better, you have thought of everything! Thanks again! Amanda W. Annapolis, MD October 31st, 2013
I drove out there for the Halloween hayride and i had such a great time. I was able to get my ticket eat a hot dog and wait inline for the hayride within an hour of being there! It was such a great environment to be in, it was definitely a family setting. Breann, Wilmington NC October 28th, 2013
When me and my wife Chris come down to visit our daughter who lives in North Carolina we go to Mikes farm to have a nice fresh home cooked meal. They have the juiciest chicken I have ever tasted and for the price that you pay you get allot of food for the money and walk out full. Keep it up the good work you do not see places like this anymore. Joseph Sutera, Seaford, New York
September 14th, 2013
Some friends of my husband and me took us last year to mike's tree farm. even after waiting for 2 hours to get in was WELL worth the wait! the food is GREAT and the price is right. we are going back tonight and bring some other of our friends with us for their 1st time there. this will be our 4th time. am looking forward to the good eating tonight. Cindy Bassett, New Bern, NC July 20th, 2013
My daughter and 9 year Grandson took me when i visited in October 2011. Her husband was a Marine who was stationed there and in Afghanistan at the time. I really enjoyed my visit. We walked the whole grounds then got pumpkins for her and my Grandson. We visited the gift shop and being a chocolate nut I bought some fudge. We then had dinner in the restaurant and it was by far the best meal I ever tasted. I really enjoyed it and would love to return if only for dinner :) Robert Jennings, Macon, Georgia May 23rd, 2013
Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do on the farm to make peoples lives more enjoyable during the holidays. The farm is one of the places we try to visit every year during December. In 2012 we took 7 carloads and drove an hour and a half to get there and waited 3 hours and let me tell you it was worth the time everyone had a wonderful time. The food was fabulous and the light show was spectacular, the live nativity put it in perspective and the tribute to the troops summed it up .Wow is one single word that described it best for us .Thanks again !! Cathy Honeycutt, Roseboro NC March 27th, 2013
My first visit to Mike's Farm Restaurant and I was thoroughly impressed with the decor, service, and food. It was my birthday and Valentine's Day, we chose Mike's Farm Restaurant to celebrate my birthday and my wife of forty-five year's Valentine treat. I couldn't have asked for better. Both of us were elated with the server and the food was just like our momma's home cooking. The restaurant itself was quaint with themed booths for dining and very clean. I would recommend this eating establishment or anyone seeking that country dining flavor and good country cooking. Thanks for a most enjoyable experience. Larry ( BigLar ) Childers, Goldsboro, NC February 16th, 2013
It was awesome. I really enjoyed. it. You did a super job. Anybody would enjoy coming down to see these lights. Your staff was very friendly and very helpful. I am going to make this something that i will do with my family and friends every year now. Stephanie Laws, Kinston NC December 19th, 2012
Was visiting with my son and daughter-in-law in November and had the pleasure of experiencing your delicious food and warm hospitality. We will return the next time I am up for a visit!!! Brenda, Fitzgerald GA December 19th, 2012
It was an awesome experience. We are going to make this a tradition at Christmas to see the lights. The meal was delicious as well.Merry Christmas!! John and Reva King, Hilton Head SC December 17th, 2012
This was an AWESOME family experience. We are going to make this our family Christmas tradition! Roehell White, Wilmington, NC December 16th, 2012
This evening, my husband and I were a part of the group from River Bend who enjoyed a wonderful meal and your breathtaking hayride of lights. The dinner you offered was delicious, your wait staff was delightful and the hayride was fantastic. The light display was so beautifully done. It was joyous, respectful and touching all at the same time. Thank you for offering such a wonderful experience. For those who have not experienced your offering, we would recommend Mike's Farm Christmas experience in a heartbeat. Suzanne Blackman, New Bern, NC December 10th, 2012
 Joey Piner, Sr, Carolyn Piner, Heidi Piner and me (Joy Bradshaw) went to Mikes Farm on Sat. Dec, 8. This was our first visit and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Our 3yr old granddaughter Heidi was overwhelmed with the hay ride and lights. I must admit at 48 years old, I felt like a child myself. The meal was excellent and we have already made reservation for our whole family next year. Thanks from our family to yours. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Joy Bradshaw, Newport NC December 10th, 2012
The staff of RONNIES CRAB SHACK had our Christmas party at the farm on Tuesday Dec. 4. Having never been to the farm before we all were in amazement once we arrived...The food was awesome...and the hayride just topped our visit off as it put us all in the Christmas spirit...Looking forward to now bringing my family to the everyone involved at the farm....WELL DONE!!!! everyone was so friendly and inviting! Johnnie, Wilmington, NC December 6th, 2012
Last night was my first time at Mike's Farm. I was blown away by the light show and the food was awesome!! It will now be a family tradition to go every year. Hope Milliken, Ash, NC December 2nd, 2012
Enjoyed the article in Our State magazine. Live in western NC and would like to visit with you in 2013. Will you have Christmas activities as you have in 2012.? Would like to make this a couple's weekend during the season. If you think you'll be doing features 2013, please advise and I'll design an eastern NC outing. Jane Jane Ebert, Sparta, NC December 2nd, 2012
We saw the Ho Ho Christmas show last year during our fist visit to the farm. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, the food was great, the hospitality and service was remarkable and the hayride got my wife and I in the Christmas spirit. We decided then to return for the same experience this year in 2012. We went last night, Friday, November 30 and also took our daughter. What an absolutely wonderful, family experience! We all had a great time and are most thankful, and yes, once again, it took last night to bring us into the Christmas spirit once again. This will become a post-Thanksgiving tradition for us!
Improvements: Less comedy routine in the show and more music.
Chuck Owens, Greenville, NC December 1st, 2012
We visited the farm for dinner and light show last night with some friends (group party reservation). We've been doing this for several years and thoroughly enjoy it. It is always a pleasure to go and enjoy being together. It's not Christmas for us until we've had our visit to the farm and light show. Thank you for keeping Christ in Christmas and giving our family and friends a tradition we look forward to yearly. Merry Christmas to all of you at Mikes Farm! Mary Croom, Burgaw, NC November 29th, 2012
Our Richardson Senior Stars will be visiting November 23rd. They are really excited about there visit there! Richardson Baptist Church,
Bladenboro, NC
November 19th, 2012
I moved to Jacksonville 2 years ago and many people told me about Mike's Farm and how delicious the food is and how neat the farm was. I finally got to visit it tonight. What an amazing place and the food was outstanding. Bought some fudge from the bakery and WOW! so good. Cant wait to return for the Christmas Light show. My parents are planning a visit and I cant wait to bring them! Awesome place!! Amanda Brown, Jacksonville, NC October 26th, 2012
We were in NC visiting my son that is stationed there at New River. They brought us there for dinner. It was really great. I wish they had a place like that up here. Everything was great, but we especially loved the macaroni and cheese. Is is possible to get that recipe? Please. We will look forward to visiting the next time we are in the area. Kelley Craddock, Marshall, MI March 22nd, 2012
I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. Your food was some of the best down home cooking I have ever eaten. The atmosphere was so relaxing and romantic. I will definitely be back to visit the Jacksonville, NC area and I am sure to come back to your farm. Sharleen, Brooksville, FL March 30th, 2012
This is by far one of the best places that I have ever been to! The food, wonderful, the place itself amazing. I have lived in the Richlands/Beulaville area since 1993 (off and on). It is my favorite place to eat, take my kids, shop for the holidays, and to get baked goods. Thanks for being one of the best little secrets in the South! Meghann Schumann, Beulaville, NC February 15th, 2012
I was there in December, 2011 for the dinner, show and hayride. What a wonderful time we had......the food was delicious, the show was great and the Christmas decorations were 'AWESOME'. We now have reservations for the dinner and show on February 10, 2012 for Valentine's and we are looking forward to it just as much as our other visits. Great place to go and have a great time with family and friends. Also love the gift show and the fudge is out of sight. I always look forward to purchasing some to bring home for the next few days. Thanks for everything. Angel Venters, Greenville, NC February 2nd, 2012
I want to share my story with you....I had been wanting to go to Mike's Farm for a while but at 54 years old had never been. I finally talked my boyfriend into going this past Thursday night and we had the most wonderful time!! Enjoyed a lovely dinner and the hayride was awesome!! He sadly passed away yesterday morning from a heart attack. I will have the most wonderful memories of our last night together at Mike's Farm....... Catherine Carraway, Hookerton, NC December 25th, 2011
Mike's does it right! The displays, attention to detail and staff are so great. The food was exactly what we wanted and the alligator wrestling was cool. huh? Oh never mind that part. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! Craig Barreuther, Palm Beach Florida December 23rd, 2011
Your supper with Santa was fantastic . I think I had as much fun as my 3 year old grandson . the lights were awsome! Wayne Lewis, Jacksonville NC December 23rd, 2011
Took my family for the first time tonight for the restaurant and hayride. It was totally awesome. Loved it !! most beautiful Christmas hayride and lightshow ever. It even came with snow !! the food was terrific and now my family is addicted to the macaroni and cheese. Soooo glad we went, thanks y'all !!! Delores Lala, Wilmington,NC December 22nd, 2011
WOW!!!! We struck out on a whim to enjoy birthday/Christmas celebration time. On Saturday, Dec. 17, we left Whiteville about 5:00, arrived around 7:00, ate at 9:30 and returned home after 12:00 and was as happy and full as we could be. We didn't get to go on the hayride and see the lights and wish we could have. We had to sing in a cantata at church (Porter Swamp Baptist Church) the next day and did not want to risk a sore throat. But we will be going back!!!!! Hey, we will definitely eat again, lol. Thanks, it was fun!It was a wonderful dining experience and our waitress was so kind. LaRhonda Shaw, Whiteville, NC December 20th, 2011
My out-of-town family and friends enjoyed a fabulous evening at Mike's Farm. The wait staff was very attentive and friendly. The light show was an optical delight for all. We appreciate the amount of hours spent to make this sensory wonderland. Looking forward to our next visit. Happy Holidays. Karen Armstrong, Swansboro, NC December 20th, 2011
This was our first time doing the Christmas Hayride, My kids, My mom and I enjoyed it very much. The part I enjoyed the most was with the soldier n the God Bless the USA part. It was very tearful due to my hubby is deployed over sea n knowing how much people really do care about our troops over seas.. I just cant remember the song that was played with the soldier walking... we hope to make it back again soon.. Amber Duncan, Camp Lejeune, NC December 18th, 2011
I visited last year and 2010 it was great , for the people have not been or thinking about going, please go, I promise, you will not be sorry. Donald Norris, Grantsboro, NC December 12th, 2011
My husband and I treated my mother and father to Mike's Farm last weekend to celebrate my mother's bday and we were so impressed with all of the Farm's events. Food, Entertainment and Light Show, UNBELIEVABLE!! One of the few places that has not forgotten JESUS, and not afraid to say so! Also, the staff were so organized and Happy. It truly is a testament to God's good grace at work. Do NOT change a thing. Except try to have a summer shinding like this. My husband will be back this Friday night with our grandchildren. My family has decided to make this a annual Family Christmas event. Merry Christmas and God bless you all. Joni Fulcher, Morehead City, NC December 12th, 2011
The Hayride was so nice!!! The lights were the best light show i have ever seen in all my years, great job to the team that put this together and made this our best Christmas! The food was the best home cooked food i wish i could have eaten more lol Tina Williams, Jacksonville NC December 11th, 2011
What a wonderful time for My Wife, kids and myself. Well worth the trip and the money spent. Thank you for you love for America and respect for our troops. John Spier, New Bern NC December 11th, 2011
We enjoyed the food. It was wonderful. We were there 12-4-11--Sunday night. The hay ride was great. Your light's the best I've ever seen!! I'm 50 yrs. old, and seen lots of Christmas lights....Your Christmas lights are absolutely the best!! I want to come back before Christmas is over....It was GREAT!!! Pam Fearnside, Supply, NC
December 7th, 2011
Mikes farm is a very good place !! Tyler Honeycutt, Salemburg, NC December 4th, 2011
My wife and I were visiting family stationed at Camp Lejeune this past week (Thanksgiving) and we brought our nephews to Mike's Farm for the hayride and Christmas lights.  It was the best hayride/Christmas lights I have ever experienced.  The tremendous amount of work and passion put into your operation was very apparent.  My favorite part was the live nativity scene to help us all remember and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  Thank you for what you do and we look forward to returning to Mike’s Farm on future trips.  Kevin Chastine, Murfreesboro, TN November 29th, 2011
Took all of my family to Mike's Farm except my son that was in Afghanistan last year at Christmas.  Looking forward to taking him & his family and the rest of my family again.  My grandchildren mention it almost every time I see them. The food was wonderful and the light show was amazing.  You should take that trip if you have the chance! Elaine Baker, Atlantic Beach, NC November 29th, 2011
Your Christmas light show is unbelievable. Keeping Christ in the theme makes it all the more special. Lydia,  Jacksonville, NC November 26th, 2011
Love this place!!! We went a few weeks ago, and took my parents who were down from Maryland! the food was awesome, and the family style is the best!!! The scenery was gorgeous and so was the store! We will def. be back in December for the light show! Amanda Gass, Jacksonville, NC
November 12th, 2011
Food is great, my family loves to go when they are visiting from out of town. Fun place for all.  Mechelle Combs, Richlands, N.C. November 10th, 2011
i love this place... it is soooooo yummy... i love it and everyone is so nice Randi Monks, Wilmington, NC October 25th, 2011
Mike's Farm is our favorite place to dine, the service is fantastic the food remind me of home (Mississippi) when my family come to visit this the place i love to take them. Lorane  Daniels, November 26th, 2011 October 15th, 2011
My family and I take our children to Mikes Farm every year for the Haunted Hay Ride and supper and Xmas Dinner and Light show. We love the family atmosphere and the prices are very affordable. The gift shop and bakery is awesome. Thanks to all the employees for the hospitality. Tammy Dawson, Goldsboro, NC October 11th, 2011
Came to Wilmington to visit my sister. I went online to search out suitable places to take my 2 year old, Gracie. I found Mike's Farm website and decided to visit. We went  this past Saturday and loved it! Gracie loves the outdoors and she had a blast. She was able to feed a goat and have a few private conversations with some chickens and the donkey.  She rode a tractor and had her picture made several times around the farm. My sister went a little crazy in the fudge shop and we came out with piping hot apple cider, fried apple pies, several different flavors of fudge and a few cream cheese puffs. At the cash register were several samples that  included apple butter, crackers, cream cheese and the best jalapeno jelly that i have ever tasted. We needed to take a break after carrying all of that so we decided to eat lunch at the restaurant. I love Cracker Barrel but this made Cracker Barrel eat dust! Don't tell my mom, but the mac and cheese was better than hers.. shh!  If there had been more time on our vacation, i would have went back. I am already planning on visiting my sister just to be able to go to Mike's Farm. Beth Davis, Marion, NC October 5th, 2011
I love Mike's Farm and look forward to all the festivities every year.  Mike and his wife are always very personable and of course Ms. Iris in the gift shop is a pleasure to talk too.  My husband Bruce and I just love this place and the food is awesome!!! Tina Hollar Whaley, Wilmington NC September 28th, 2011
This will be my family's first year at the farm. We are so excited! I'm sure the pumpkin patch will be great, I've heard so many good things about the farm!! Destiny & Mitchell Allen, Jacksonville, NC September 27th, 2011
My family and I really enjoy coming to Mike's Farm we have a family tradition every second Saturday of October we go and spend the day. The farm is beautiful and the kids really love the hayrides and picking their own pumpkins. The restaurant is amazing the food is beyond words. My favorite part though besides everything is the gift shop and the most wonderful fudge I have ever had. Thank you Mike and your family for the opportunity to be apart of this wonderful place and making your farm part of our family traditions. The Smith Family, Diana Street September 23rd, 2011
I came to visit my daughter (Amanda) who is a Marine and she is having a baby on Sept. 23rd. This dinner was delicious, especially the mac and cheese:) The goats are so cute.....very nice environment and so clean....loved the Southern hospitality......... Jill Douglas, Wintergreen Court, Spring Lake, MI September 15th, 2011
Just a quick note to say how much we enjoy our trips to Mike's farm. We make a annual visit in October to go on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch (along w/ our daughter, son-in-law and little Grace, our sweetie-pie Grand-daughter. (They live in Jacksonville) It's a great place for families. We also enjoy eating the wonderful food that you prepare at your restaurant ( LOVE the mac'and cheese, best we've ever had!) The gift shops are really special too! We're looking forward to our visit this year in October, see you then .Thanks for everything you do!  God bless! David and Linda Smeal, Clearfield, PA
September 5th, 2011
We went their for dinner on August 12, 2011 to celebrate our son's wedding that day with his wife's family. We enjoyed ourselves.  Macaroni and cheese is wonderful along with the rest of the food.  Thank You. Peggy, Jacksonville, NC August 13th, 2011
We visited your place the third week of July and it was amazing. The country life was really felt there and the food there was delicious. I really thought the mac and cheese was just to die for and would love to have that recipe! I do not think I will ever get a chance to come back as that was the first time in my 38 years I have ever been to NC and may not get another chance. My best friend, her family, and I were visiting her brother at Camp Lejeune and he took us to your place for a wonderful dinner. It was a great experience. Amanda Oltman, Wenona, Illinois August 10th, 2011
Mikes is our favorite place to dine, its such a wonderful trip and the service is fantastic not to mention the food also. When we have family/ friends visiting from out of state Mike's is the first place we take them to and the love it. Dani W, Jacksonville, NC June 11, 2011
This was my first visit to North Carolina, we have family stationed at Camp Lejeune. My children have been telling me about Mike's Farm  for a while, this is  their favorite place ever. After eating there  myself,  I now understand what they mean. That was the best food  that I have ever had. The mac & cheese was GREAT !!!!  I' am already planning my next trip down there. Dena Hassebrock, Mt. Orab, Ohio February 8th, 2011
I grew up in Duplin County, then moved to Virginia.  For the past several years my mother kept telling me about Mike's Farm.  This past December I finally got the chance to go for a Christmas dinner with her church group.  The food was fantastic, I have eaten at a lot of  "southern" restaurants and diners, but Mike's is by far the best!  The staff makes you feel like you are at one of your aunt's or grandmother's house.  Thanks for a memorable meal! Judy Delk, Newport News, Virginia January 26th, 2011

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