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Wood & Button Biscuit Cutter


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The Rustic Wooden Biscuit Cutter***

This biscuit cutter is individually made to order by craftsman Rory Joyce of Wood & Button in Hickory, North Carolina with traditional woodworking tools. Each one is made from an American hard wood and has been treated with food grade mineral oil.

We recommend having a small pile of flour on your working surface while preparing your dough to dip the cutter in before cutting biscuits. This tip along with the hole through the cutter that eliminates suction will cut a perfect tea sized biscuit.

Hand wash using regular dish soap. Do not soak in water or wash in dishwasher.

If item becomes rough, it may be lightly sanded with fine grit sandpaper.

An occasional rubbing with Walnut oil, Linseed oil or Mineral oil will do a great job preserving and conditioning the wood.

Each one is unique in design!


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